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MAPSCorps is back!

We are seeking qualified supervisors, as well as youth who are looking to be employed! This program is a great way to support our community, learn new skills, and develop our local youth.

Click below to learn more and contact us if interested.

COVID-19 Study

Soon, we will begin to have pop-up shops allowing people to test themselves for COVID-19. After testing, an additional kit will be given to take to a friend! Results will be reported and used as part of this study. Stay tuned for more information!

Click below to read about our self-testing initiative. 

Research Dissemination

Our data collection phase for the Addiction Algebra research project has officially come to a close. We will be sharing the results of the community domain on February 24th! Click below for the time and location.

At Project Momentum, we have one goal: build healthy communities.


We provide holistic services without excuses that treat the whole individual: body, mind, and spirit.

As a 501c3 nonprofit, we serve Rocky Mount, NC, and surrounding communities. 

Access our substance use services:

We are a licensed mental health and substance abuse organization by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

Our community initiatives:

We aim to address emergent needs of the community.


Are you interested in providing resources to help power our mission? Learn more about our team and partners, programs, and how you can help.

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